Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A Right Pair

There's an exhibition coming up at the Goldmark Gallery that's a real must. A great flurry of activity has attended a show of paintings by Dylan Waldron. I'm knocked out by his still lifes of fruit and veg., so reminiscent of those seventeenth century pics of lobsters and dead hares. And there's something companionably erotic about this row of pears. Or is it just me? Of course I find out that he lives in the same village as that Peter Ashley, so there's obviously been some collusion going on. However, I do urge you to get a Butcher's Hook at his work. It starts this Saturday in the Gallery and there's an accompanying catalogue in enticing colour and indeed a film that shows Mr.Waldron walking his patch of country. Probably thinking about what vegetable to paint next.