Friday, 5 March 2010

Market Daze

Every Friday we have an open-air market just around from the corner from the gallery in Uppingham's square. (Mike's round there now, getting the fish.) Which means we all enjoy a fabulous source for fresh fruit & veg, local cheeses, trilby hats, nail brushes, olives, watch batteries, pork pies and the added bonus of not being able to park anywhere. So if you're thinking of coming and seeing what's on offer at Goldmark's, make it a Friday. If you don't all come at once you can join us for lunch, where you'll find those same cheeses, charcuterie and a box of Carr's Melts (you have to be quick to get your hand in that). The only trouble is, being surrounded by such colourful art everyday, you can't help seeing it everywhere else, hence this abstract. I'm calling it Orange, Limone, Blue & Green Study. With 'Orange' pronounced 'Orraahnge' obviously.


  1. So that's 'orange' with a hacky spluttering bit around the 'r'... I'm almost in Provence. Must come up and have a butchers - you seem to stock some of my favourite stuff. Long haul from the South Coast though. Might combine well with a trip to track down my Hallatonian roots. Good on 'yer.

  2. You forgot to mention how easy it is to find Goldmark's - being situated on 'Orraahnge' Street!